Tamil family relationship Chart ( தமிழ் உறவுமுறை படிவம்)



Tamil Family relationship chart

These relationship names are made from my own experience. Also I left some ? marks, because I am  not sure how they (?) where related. Also there might be some mistakes will be in this image. Please guide me through your comments I will update this Image.


One Day Trip to Kanyakumari from Chennai

Sunrise in Kanyakumari

This post explain how we made a one day trip to Kaniyakumari. We choose train, 🚄 Kaniyakumari Express which starts 5:30 pm from Chennai and it reaches to Kanyakumari by 6:15 AM, yes we missed Sun rise. If you want to see sunrise you should take train 12759 🚄 Chennai-Nagercoil Bi-Weekly Exp which starts 1:30 PM (only Monday and Friday) from Chennai Central it reached by 4:15 in Nagercoil. I need to work friday, at-least half a day, that why I chosen 🚄 Kanyakumari Express any how we can make good sleep in train.

After reach railway station, you will get autos to Hotel (Lodge) which have the average cost of ₹500-₹600 . We made only to keep our things and to refresh. Then we went to Famous Kanyakumari Temple it good to go but men should remove their shirt while going inside to the temple.
Guys, From my knowledge Kanyakumari is not a town it a big village only best thing in Kaniyakumari is sunrise ans sunset. So its a tourism village so restaurants in Kanyakumari where costly. We cant get good food with reasonable price Mostly I searched for Pongal in I didn’t get. The average price of 4 idlies will be ₹50, just imagine rest of the foods.
We tried to make photo shoot at 9-am from Bhagavathi Amman temple to cover Thruvalluvar statue and Vivekanandar rock but due bright sun light behind us our face went dark with our phone camera. We found some photographers around there they charged ₹30 per image, also they mention they will do some Photoshop changes to make both Thruvalluvar statue and Vivekanandar rock more visible. Even that Photoshop work is decent. Also behind Bhagavathi Amma temple we can see Trivani Sangaman which is the tip-south of India.
By 10 am we went for shopping there we can’t get any unique products than Sea shells, like Murex and Ranells. And went to Gandhi Mandapam, is the place where Mahatma Gandhi’s ash was kept and done some pooja and then it drained in sea. Also we went to Kaamarajar Memorial Hall and view point. All these spots are walk-able from temple.
Than after we plan to to a ferry boat ride to Vivekanandar rock and Thruvalluvar statue. Unfortunately they raid to Thruvalluvar statue was canceled on that due to sea level went down so rock may hit boat. We where on queue by 11am and we reached boat by 12 pm that day queue was too long on holidays. Finally we reached rock after 15 mins. The cost of the raid is ₹30 per head. In Vivekanandar rock you can also see Parvathi Amman’s foot press on that rock.
By 1pm  we completed most of the tourist place in Kanyakumari. Localities advise to do they advised us to go to Suchindrum Temple, which located 11kms from Kanyakumari. But it will open morning 6 to 10 and evening 4 to 7. So we canceled to go there and as per plan we went to Padmanabhapuram Palace, which is 50kms away from Kanyakumari on Thiruvananthapuram main Road via Nagercoil. Localities advise us to hire car or auto because bus will not available frequently to that place. So we hired auto, from my knowledge auto charges ₹600 to ₹800 and cab charges ₹1200 to ₹1500 for round trip. Auto takes us 1.15 hours to reach to palace.

Padmanabhapuram Palace tripto kanyakimari
Padmanabhapuram Palace


Padmanabhapuram Palace, which is build around 1600 by Travancore kings. This palace is geographically situated inside Tamil Nadu state but it owns by Kerala State Government Archeology department. For palace entry charges is around ₹30 (not sure, forgot). This palace contain multiple rooms. In each room there will guides, they often explain in different languages. It takes almost takes 2 hours to go around whole palace. From this whole trip, this palace is top on my list. Don’t miss it
From auto we came to Nagarcoil, where we booked the Ticket to (16724) Ananthapuri Express back to Chennai. We starts around 6pm from Nagarcoil Jn. Reached back to Chennai next day (Sunday) at 7:30 am.
In this one day trip we missed sunrise, sunset and Suchindrum Temple due to insufficient of time. Then we missed Thiruvalluvar Statue due to natural concern. But the whole trip we made as per the plan. But my advise to make 2 days trip to Kanyakumari, where you can start from Chennai on Friday evening 5:30pm on Kanyakumari express and can return on Monday by 6 am to Chennai on the same Kanyakumari Express.
I hope this blog post will give you some Idea for trip to Kanyakumari. Any suggestion or anythig you like to share, please comment us.


The following are the informations published by the Research Scholars of OXFORD University.

1. CROSS :

  • Weight = 150 k
  • Length = 15 feet
  • Breadth = 8 feet

2. NAILS :

  • Thickness =  3/4 inch
  • Length      =   8 inch

3. JESUS :

  • Height  =  5 ‘  11 inch
  • Weight  =  85 kgs

Information on Jesus’s Sufferings..

  • JESUS stumbled and fell to the ground 3 times while carrying HIS cross to Golgotha..
  • JESUS was very thirsty and HE suffered for 17 hours longing for water..
  • There were 5480 wounds all over in JESUS BODY….
  • There were 150 DEEP WOUNDS on HIS Back alone..
  • 17 Thorns pierced JESUS HEAD..
  • JESUS shed 6 . 5 litres of blood..
  • 350 Soldiers and 50 Horsemen dragged JESUS whipping, beating on the streets of Jerusalem…

According to JEW’s Calendar…

JESUS DIED on…  Ak Aboorve Konjeetha 785 ,  Nisaan  15..

According to our Calendar JESUS DIED on April 7,  BC 30..

The meaning of the Latin Word written on the cross INRI.



R  –  REXO


Means… JESUS the Nazarene the KING of JEWS.

LUKE a Doctor, certified the DEATH OF JESUS.

Poor Jayalalitha

And poor Jayalalitha departed. She could not take anything with her.
The imperious Jayalalitha who ruled over Tamilnadu became just a
memory. She became the permanent occupant of 6 feet of public land, not
in any of the thousands of acres

she owned! She was taken in a gun
carriage though she had a good fleet of luxury cars and vehicles,
leaving empty handed, and leaving everything earned through ulterior
means for others.

1197 Acres in Tirunelveli, 200 Acres
in Valajapetta, 100 Acres in Otthukkotta, 25 Acres in Shiruthavoor, 200
Acres and another farm of 100 Acres in Kancheepuram, Grape Garden of
14.5 Acres in Jeedimetla village in Ranga Reddy district in Telangana,
Kodanad Tea Estate
of 1600 Acres with Bunglows in Nilgiri.
Besides these, she had a massive 24,000 sqft residential property
called Veda Nilayam in Poes Garden costing about Rs.100 Crores, four
commercial buildings, including one each in Chennai and in Hyderabad.
Other properties included 800 kg silver, 28 kg gold, 750 pairs of
shoes, 10,500 sarees, 91 watches and other valuables, two Toyota Prado
SUVs, a Tempo Traveller, a Tempo Trax, a Mahindra Jeep, an Ambassador
car , a Mahindra Bolero, a Swaraj Mazda Maxi, and a Contessa. The nine
vehicles are worth around Rs 42,25,000. ( As on 1997)- not to speak on
Benami properties held elsewhere or later additions.
This is the
lesson for all human beings – when the call comes from above, you will
not even have time to say bye to your near and dear ones. No one can
help you, no one can save you – not the followers who were ready to do
anything and even to give their lives, a battery of servants waiting for
an instruction, or a battalion of officers ready to take orders, best
hospitals, best medical brains from India and abroad – repeat no one. It
is also a lesson that whatever one amasses arrogantly through good or
bad means through deceit, giving pain to others, will have to be left
Sometimes, even the offering of last drop of water or performance of last rites may not be by a blood relative as in her case.
Realise that we are only travelers here and have to leave for the next
destination. So give up ego or all that are related, realise one’s own
true self, be a good human being showing empathy to fellow beings.

The Fact behind supporting Jakkikattu


Hidden facts and agenda:

31% out of 1.52 billion are vegetarians in India and milk is one the source of protein + World Highest milk producer. Foreign countries are attracted to this market.
Just to make huge quantity of milk started cross breeding using artificial insemination imported to breed our cows..bringing jersey and other milk products..soy milk as vegan milk which is another genetic modified good. Same was done in the past in bringing modified rice and artificial fertilizers which killed the ground, forbidding the natural fertilization and its farming.
Another hided fact… even thought our country breed gives 2500 liter then Cross breed 4500 liter. In a lifetime our breed gives for 12 times rather then 4 time of cross breeds.
Marketing of there products isn’t possible either as a a1 milk or a2 cross breed insemination unless our breed are available. Tamilnadu is one of the place where breed evolved for many decades is still preserved. Already introduction of tractors has diminished few of this breeds and rest are preserved via jallikattu game and banning is a one convenient way of diminishing them.

Facts on this Extincting bull breed:

Only around 6 breeds are capable enough to participate in jallikattu. Out of which “Aalambaadi” breed is already extincted. Others will be soon extincted due to this ban, besides there will be no purpose or someone to spend money and nourish those breeds.
A calve once selected for jallikattu is never allowed for bull cart or ploughing and always fed with nutritious food and swimming as part of its exercise.
Its part of the culture and not an entertainment…  its the govt. Who made it as an entertainment for encouraging tourism.

Why you shouldn’t ban jallikatu:

There r only 15000 kangaeyan breed only left, where as 10 lakh were there in the past
Days where 4 cows for a bull has became 8.
There are only 30 breeds left our of  130 cattle breeds.
With ban and no one there to nourish or maintain all this breed are forced to left out or sent to slaughter house and breed extincts.

Tamilnadu Jallikattu vs other parts of the world:

In spain they stab knives behind the back of the bull till its death. In other culture they pour than an lit it to melt to its face and let it die in order to consume its Flesh after that act to increase there fertility. In mexico they pour alcohol and move it in the water via boat and beat it to kill. In Africa breaking its neck is there sport.
Jallikattu was not even a percentage of that and how the peta intervened only in here.

Rules of Jallikattu:

At a time only 1 person can try to catch the hump and no where else or he will be disqualified.
Catching the tail disqualifued..
Both bull and player health is validated before the game..this is done before the collector and animal welfare board will be around.
All this year you would have heard about human fatality, and wont hear about any bulls injury.
If a bull is injured, whole event will be cancelled. Whole game is recorded and submitted to the govt.
That bull get frightened runs away is not the case. A bull is trained to reach its owner from the opposite end…
After 2009 jallikattu act. This game is well organized and monitored/played by its rules.

Before getting independence :

Indian king from Gujarat gifted few ghir breed to Brazil. Now in Feb 2016 india has spent 50 lakh and around for getting insemination from brazil.
The only reason why this problem has not raised in Tamilnadu is jallikattu. More then 1000 of years breed still kept.
Jersey imports and artificial insemination and other foreign milk marketting wont work out. Till our country breed exist.

From a health standpoint:

Indian breeds even though produces less qty of milk which is of a2 category which a cure for most of disease. Foreign marketed breed and products from a1 category which has a toxin for a1 Cassie resulting in dietetics, stomach and other diseases.
Please read about “devil in the milk”
Unfortunately the normal milk which we consume is part of this a1

Where things are slowly Moving Reality:

Tn govt has given 12000 jersey freely.
To promote.
Almost all the Indian breeds are almost  destroyed for the foreign sales and only few breeds are left… few from Tamil nadu which is preserved and breed is still kept active.only due to jallikatu.
Bringing jersey or other products will impact Indian rural economy.
68% of the cows are with small farmers in india. There are around 1 lakh milk co operative centres via which they sell milk. Introducing this jersey breed will be harder for farmers to maintain, which drinks 4 times more water and proper environment maintenance.
Eventually entire milk industry will go in the hands of mnc’s. Then price fixed by them will be rate.

Types of jallikatu: 3

Jallikatu.. a sport of getting the tied coins from the bull.
Manju viratu-a person capable to catch the hump and travel to certain distance is a winner.
Velli viratu- a person who can able to tame the bull from an open ground
Vatta manju viratu-a person capable yo tame a bull tied within 15 feet rope radius.

History and country breed ratio :

Cross breeding started in 1950’s where there was a demand for milk from 70 million liters to 120 million. But this was a less output for the 2 core cows at that time.
After that 150 more tons would be required after 10 years was the assessment made by national dairy dept. Foreign countries which saw the Indian market size… started making deal with Indian govt. For cross breeding.
Those who allowed for this was given royal treatment with foreign trips and allowance for there kids education in foreign universities.
In 1962 they brought live stock act in Kerala. That no one should have the bull breed and bulls were infer-tilled if it get caught by the agri inspector.
After this… slowly Kerala farmers accepted in cross breed via artificial insemination. Which slowly spread-ed across. In PUNJAB of 1 lakh cattle 80 thousand are cross breeds.
Only reason in tamilnadu original breed is still alive is via jallikattu.
Foreign companies gave advise on the benefits of cross breed. Indian national dairy brought 400 foreign breeds on its expense and kept a expert group committee board for the results, which released that this will extinct our breeds and will cause health issues, which govt didn’t cared about.
Cross breed was projected for giving 4500 liters of milk where as our breed off 2500 liters. But hidden the fact, in a life time our breed gives 12 times where as the other only 4 times.
Our Indian breeds in a life time gives 25 to 30 thousand liters.
Indian govt. Never shared the breed wise sen sex reports to hide this. There has been no sen sex on type if breed cattle made and maintained. Even now in 11th 5 year plan… Indian boarded in 40 million sperm doze as part of artificial insemination. Destroying our breeds.#justiceforjallikattu #pmindiatamilnaduneedsyou

One Day Economical Trip to Madurai

Yeah, Madurai is a historical City where you can see wonderful Temples, shopping and nice Restaurants.

Personally I would like to suggest 2 days for Madurai Trip. Why?, I’ll tell in this post.
If you from Chennai You can choose Pandayan Express. It will start around 9:20pm in Egmore and Tambaram by 9:50pm.Next day you will reach to Madurai.6:10 pm or delay, but on my trip train reached exactly by 6:10 on my watch

Day 1 (Madurai)
Most of you prefer go to Madurai Meenakashi Amman Temple as first sight seeing, I am prefer the same because it is just walk-able from Madurai Junction if you want to go by auto you can ask in the range of Rs.40 to Rs.50, if you are ready to walk it will take only 15 mins. Mostly I would like to prefer Lodge (Hotel) before reaching to Temple, because you need refresh yourself also keep your luggage, if you are going with your family lodge is necessary. You will get budget hotels by walk-able distance from Meenakashi temple, where the range starts around Rs.350 to Rs.450. And please have your Breakfast before go to Temple because its big temple it will take at-least 2 hours within Temple. 

For breakfast I suggest Murugan Idili shop or Hotel Sree Sabarees, both are best hotel for breakfast with reasonable price. Pongal is awesome in Hotel Sree Sabarees and Idili is topu-tukker in Murugan Idili shop. And keep it in your mind, dont miss the World famous Jil Jil Jigarthanga which near to Murugan Idli shop but you should take Jigarthanga at afternoon. Keep your mobile chargers portable mobile battery inside your luggage because during checking it wont allow inside temple. Not you reached to and take you time inside the Temple…..Once you came out from the temple you it will  at-least 12pm. On the East gate you will juice and Ice cream at low cost and remember World famous Jil Jil Jigarthanga which is near to Murugan Idili shop if you feel its to far you can get

Jigarthanga  near to temple. Also you can make shopping around temple. And have your lunch. 


These are the thing you can do it your self without reading this post. The importance of this post start from now.

Before going to Madurai temple please verify with your hotel receptionist that if there are any one-day trip available in Madurai they might help you. If they not please contact “Grate Tour & Travels04523020206,6456454 because I got it from my hotel receptionist. This one-day trip will start by 2:30pm the driver will pickup from you hotel. And they wll take to you various places in Madurai like Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal (which is mention as Maharaja palace in the image) and seven different places and they will leave you by 7:30 pm. Over all charges for this trip will be Rs.200/- per head, no charges will be applies for children below 7.

Day 2 trip (Kodaikannal)

Initially I mentioned and suggested to take 2 days trip to Madurai now I’ll say why. Because Once I verified about this Madurai one-day trip I saw on next page there is one-day tour package to Kodikannal, trip from Madurai Which will start at 7am from Madurai and shows watchable spots in Kodaikannal, spot details is shows in the image. For this Kodikannal trip over all it will take Rs.450/- Including Breakfast. 

Also this travels also arranging one-day trips to Kaniyakumari and Rameswaram from Madurai. But I dont know exact price detail for those, for information please contact travels.

For Eater 

 To check best restaurants in Madurai check out this link https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-of-the-best-restaurants-to-have-food-in-Madurai 

Dont miss Madurai Parottas + Salna for dinner and Jigarthanga for your cool experience.
Rough Budget for couples
  • Train Fare (up and down)= Rs.1400/- sleeper couch from Chennai 
  • Lodge fee = Rs.900/- for 2 days (450+450)
  • Madurai one day Trip = Rs.400/- (200+200)
  • Kodikannal Trip = Rs.900/- (450+450)
  • Food = Rs. 1000/- (approx.)
  • So over 2 days trip will take Rs.5000/- for couples.
This is my experience which I got in Madurai Trip. Budget may varies. And I may miss some valuable trip information in this post if there is anything you like to share. please share in comments section.

Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis won womens doubles in Miami Open

Sania Mirza achieved yet another career milestone by capturing her 25th WTA doubles title as the Indian continued her dream start with Martina Hingis to win the Miami Open trophy, here on Sunday.

The top-seeded Indo-Swiss pair overcame a sluggish start to take the title with a 7-5, 6-1 scoreline against second-seeded Russians Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina.
Sania and Hingis were trailing 2-5 in the opening set but regrouped and turned the tables on their fierce opponents by reeling off eight games in a row.
They had beaten the same Russian duo at Indian Wells to win their first title together.
It has been an absolute dream start for Sania and Hingis as they are yet to lose a set since they began their partnership.
“We just tried to keep telling each other to enjoy the struggle. Last week everything came very, very easily to us — we didn’t lose more than four games in a set.
“Over here we were down, and we were panicking. It was like, ‘Oh my God, we’re not playing well.’ We just weren’t used to that,” Sania said after the match.
Tips from Imran Mirza
Hingis credited the win to tips provided by Sania’s farther Imran Mirza during the match.
“Today the coaching really turned it around — your dad came on court,” Hingis said to Sania.
“The most important thing is that we never stopped believing we’re a great team. They played a great set to get us to that position, 5-2 down. Then we just tried to stay in there and get our chances. We just built on every point, which is what we did well last week too,” the Swiss great, who now has 43 doubles titles, said.
With this win, Sania and Hingis now will move to No. 3 from nine in the Road To Singapore doubles leaderboard.
She took a giant leap towards becoming world No. 1 player in the doubles by pocketing 1000 ranking points, following her stupendous title win in the Miami Open.
Sania’s ranking remained at number three but she closed the gap to just 145 points with the world No. 1 Italians Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci, who both have 7640 points each.